Study & Training Private Studienkolleg in Leipzig


For over 20 years, Study & Training Studienkolleg in Leipzig has been preparing international students for their future studies at the Universities of Applied Sciences. 

Each year, hundreds of students from all over the world choose us to prepare and adapt for life and university studies in Germany.

During the TI-Course (Engineering/Information Technology) or WW-Course (Economy/Business studies), students improve their knowledge of the German language and subjects important for their FSP examination (Feststellungsprüfung).

Our dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum ensure that students not only excel academically but also integrate successfully into the German education system and culture.

Why you should study with us


  • State-recognized Studienkolleg with more than 20 years of work
  • 2 intakes per year (April and October)
  • No entrance examination
  • Partner of the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
  • Internationality and cosmopolitanism in a family environment
  • Small classes and modern teaching rooms
  • Free additional classes in German, mathematics and physics
  • Assistance with accommodation, insurance and work internship during the studies
  • University counselling
  • Fair tuition fee and convenient payment options
  • Leipzig is a young and comfortable city with lots of entertainment places and a moderate cost of living

Winter Semester Start Dates:
September 4/October 2, 2023

Academic Calendar

Our qualified and experienced team will not only provide the academic knowledge essential for your assessment test (FSP) and future successful studies in German universities, but will also assist you with obtaining visa, medical insurance, accommodation, work internship and university guidance.

Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen) are popular among the international students, as these institutions provide excellent teaching coupled with a highly practical orientation. Owing to the close ties that the Universities of Applied Sciences maintain with regional and international companies, their graduates have very good carrier opportunities.

At Study & Training Studienkolleg, we take pride in our supportive learning environment, which fosters personal growth and intercultural experiences. Beyond academics, students have the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities, meet fellow students from diverse backgrounds, and explore the rich cultural heritage of Leipzig and Germany.

Our commitment to excellence has led to countless success stories, with many of our graduates going on to excel in their chosen fields of study at prestigious Universities of Applied Sciences across Germany. We are dedicated to continuing this tradition of excellence and look forward to welcoming more aspiring students from around the world to embark on their educational journey with us.

Whether you aspire to pursue a career in engineering, information technology, economics, or business studies, Study & Training Studienkolleg is here to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams of studying in Germany a reality.

If you have any question, please check out our frequently asked questions or contact us.

The team of our Studienkolleg is looking forward to meeting you in Leipzig.

Danaé Lange
Head of Private Studienkolleg Study & Training